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The Higgs-field of Installations, or Installing Something from Nothing

Sunday, July 29th, 2012


I had a bit of an endeavor this week, with a well beaten, custom built desktop, containing a LanParty nF4 motherboard.

The desktop’s Windows XP installation was clogged and miserable, with a good five or six years worth of software-related fudge building up in it.

When asked if the user preferred sticking with Windows, or if they would like to give Kubuntu a shot, they wanted to go with Kubuntu.

The void approaches:

I burned a DVD of the latest 12.04 Kubuntu release, and stuck it in the wonderful old IDE DVD-Rom, happily using the boot menu to choose to boot off the DVD.

Hmm, went straight to Windows…well I can’t install from Nothing here, so what do I do?

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